Sunday, 27 July 2014

Parents are pretty rad

Have you ever thought about how as a kid you have complete trust in your parents. You belive they do everything right, that they have the solution for every problem. And I think it's really important to have that as a young child. When you're little you can't take responsibility for yourself, instead your parents have the responsibility to protect you and make sure you have a decent life. As a parent you hardly want to talk about all your problems in front of your young children. It would probably be completely wrong to do that even.

That's why I think there's something really beautiful when you start to come to the complete opposite realisation as you get older. You want to liberate yourself and you start to question the omniscience of your parents. You realise that your parents also go through difficult times, that they too have made, and still make, mistakes in life.

One step further from that might be to realise how valuable your parents' experiences are and that maybe you can use it and learn from it. Can you believe I didn't even know how my mum and dad met before I asked my mum about it yesterday? Do you know how your parents met? Just now we had a long conversation about my mum's short and kind of complicated relationship with the father of my half-brother.

I like that I can talk to my parents more as equals now that I'm older. They can tell me if they're stressed at work or my mum could tell me about a bad date she had (before she met the man she's living with now). And when they tell me about past experiences they can tell me if they think they made good or bad decisions. I feel like I get a better understanding of how they actually are as people rather than just being my parents. And they have experienced a lot of things that I haven't, and maybe I can learn something from their experiences.

I guess that experience is what still makes me come to my parents if I'm upset about something or if there's a problem I know how to solve. Because even if I now know they are as imperfect as everybody else, they can still give me hella good advice. And I still feel lost when I see my parents cry.

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