Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Birthday girl

Last Thursday was my 23rd birthday (yay me!). Like pretty much every other holiday or special occasion I've had here, it didn't really feel like my birthday though. My mum came to visit a few days before, but on the actual day I flew off to Germany for a sort of samba rehearsal camp. Definitely not what I usually do on my birthday.

But it has actually been pretty great because I've received really nice surprises from my friends here both before and after, which has made it really stretched out. I'm starting to think I might like it more this way than just doing all the celebrating in one day.

On the Sunday before my birthday, my friend Taya asked me if I wanted to come to her place for a while before we went to Inspiral. When I came over, she and my other friend Mary Catherine had made me a delicious chocolate cake, and they had also bought me a really nice notebook. I was really touched by this, I don't think I have ever been surprised like that for my birthday before. So sweet of them!

Yesterday I met up with Sandra when she got off work and went to her place, where we watched a movie and I stayed over. She had told me before we went to bed that she needed to go buy something for breakfast in the morning. I heard her go out in the morning, but I went back to sleep. Then I got woken up by her coming in with this and singing a birthday song to me! I couldn't believe it! I have the most amazing friends! <3

She got me this amazing necklace that I've looked at before. It's so beautiful, I love it so much <3

So now I'm just sitting here with a warm, fuzzy feeling in my heart, thinking about all the amazing people I've had the privilege to get to know in my life. I love you all so much!

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