Monday, 12 May 2014


My weekend in Bath was amazing! First of all, the city and all the surroundings are so pretty, I don't even know what to do with myself. At one point when we were quite close to the city, the bus was driving down the road and I looked out the window and there was a huge, beautiful, green valley where a flock of sheep were walking around. There were green open fields as long as you could see. I thought 'Is this for real?'. It looked like a children's fairytale illustration. The English countryside is so beautiful in general. It's all so green, like, really bright green, and so leafy. Whereas in Sweden it's all dark, deep forests. Which I also really like. I like them both, in their own way.

And the city itself is full of old, pretty buildings and it's all built on hills. Chris actually has a splendid view over Bath from his house, it was amazing.

This is a picture I took from a little city farm right by my friend's house (how awesome is that??). My favourites were of course these adorable miniature Shetland ponies.

During the day on Saturday, which was Chris' birthday, we went to a zoo/safari park, which was amaziing! People always ask me what my favourite part or favourite animal was, but I can't even say, I just got overly excited about all the animals. Animals are awesome. But the meerkats might actually have been the best, they were definitely the coolest at least. They were all just chilling and sunbathing, not caring about anything at all. Feeding the deer in the safari park is pretty high on the list too though.

Wallabys <3

Look at the little lemurs cuddling in a big pile, ajdkghjar :3

So pretty, my deer (hehe)

Bad ass meerkat
I the evening it was party time, and I met a bunch of Chris' friends, who are all really cool and awesome people. I really enjoyed hanging out with his gang. I seriously kind of want to move to Bath so I can hang out with these people all the time.

So thank you Chris and everyone else, I had a blast!

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