Saturday, 8 February 2014

And I fell in love once more

Almost a week has passed since I last wrote. In that week I have had time to fall back in love with London again. We had a bit of a rough patch there, but I guess that happens in every relationship.

Well, it was really last weekend I fell back in love with London again. When I went to a vintage market by Alexandra Palace and accidentally went up on the hill and saw this amazing view.

And then I found this amazing little alleyway tucked in between some streets in Soho

On Sunday me and Sandra went to a vegan and organic café in Camden we've been wanting to go to for a while. I think I have a new favourite place in London guys. It was literally one of the most amazing nights I've ever had. Apparently Sunday night is open mic night there. There were amazing musicians performing. And it was such a loving atmosphere. Everyone was talking to everyone. We met a bunch of new people. We've decided we're going to go there every Sunday and whenever we can really. We went there today when Sandra got off work. And we had this gorgeous view.

Also I got a really nerdy ring.

I'm very excited for tomorrow, because a dear friend of mine is coming to visit from Belgium with his little sister. We're going to the Warner Bros Harry Potter studio tour. I've already been there once, but it was amazing, and I'm super pumped to go there again! The only bad thing is we probably won't be able to go to Inspiral, the café in Camden. But there are more Sundays to come.

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