Wednesday, 1 January 2014


Isn't it funny how on New Year's Eve everyone is out partying all night, so on the first day of the year you sleep until noon, are hungover (well not me personally, but I guess a lot of other people), eat crap and does nothing but watch tv all day? But hey, that's ok, because you have almost a whole year left to get out there and live life and become a better you and all that. And getting through another year is certainly something to celebrate.

My former New Year's Eves have always been quiet, so this year was a bit different. It was a New Year's in London. And it was great. I went to a friend's place in the late afternoon, and later in the evening we headed down to the Thames to see the fireworks. We came there when it was about 2,5 hours left until midnight. There were loads of people all around, they were playing music and it was such a great atmosphere. It was like a big outdoor party. And the fireworks were amazing.

I've seen a lot of bloggers writing about how this past year has been for them. I can't really remember much of 2013, not many specific events or anything. Except for radically changing my life plan and going off to London. I don't know if it's because nothing else happened or because I just kind of live in the moment. Or because the part about going to London was so big that it overshadows everything else that happened.

And then there's this New Year's resolution thing. I don't think I've ever set any concrete resolutions for myself. But I always get really excited when the new year is coming and I think about all these things I want to improve. Then again, it's maybe more difficult to actually go through with changes if it's all a bit abstract and you don't set actual goals to achieve.

I will do my best to make this year the best year of my life so far. These are the things I want to work on during this year:

- Take control
- Stop waiting and start creating
- Let go of the fears of creating relationships with others
- Take myself a little less seriously
- Be kind to myself

To anyone who's reading this - I hope 2013 wasn't too hard on you, and that you came out of the other side feeling like you gained something from it. And whether it has been a shitty year or a great year, think about one of my favourite quotes:

I really do believe that.

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