Thursday, 3 October 2013

Sum me up

It's 2.37 pm, and so far today I have

  • Been really lazy in bed the whole morning, watching youtube-videos and web series. Thank god for decent wi-fi! But I have so many things I want to watch I'm getting a bit stressed out about it, not to mention I haven't watched any Gilmore Girls in far too long!
  • Payed my first rent (soooo much moneyyy).
  • Gone grocery shopping and cooked for the first time since I came here, using the scary gas hobs that I'm not used to at all. Luckily one of my house mates were there to help me.
  • Had a chat with formerly mentioned house mates about books, and he kindly offered me to borrow a book from him when I said I didn't have anything to read at the moment.
  • Made some important phone calls.
And that brings us up to now basically. Wow, I have actually gotten more things done than I thought. Now I'll be off soon to go back to the hostel and pick up a letter they have for me there. Then I'm going to meet up a Swedish friend of mine who's here at the moment. A pretty good day off in my opinion.

A silly webcam pic to finish off. Byye!

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