Sunday, 27 October 2013

I heart the East End

Ugh ok, one day I want to live in Shoreditch or Spitalfields. It's by far the coolest part of London! Then I could go to all the awesome vintage stores and markets all the time and sit in caf├ęs and watch all the cute hipster guys that walk around there.

I went to a thrift store there today to see if I could find something for Halloween. I'm going to this Halloween party on Thursday at a club in Camden we used to go to quite a lot when I was studying in London. I'm really excited about it, it seems awesome! I never really celebrate Halloween otherwise, so it'll be fun. I didn't find anything in the store though, or well I found something, but not for Halloween... I really shouldn't be allowed to go to these places. I bought a sweater for me instead... I need sweaters okay, it's getting colder outside! And it's an awesome sweater.

In other news, there's apparently supposed to be a storm coming tonight. There are warnings of floodings and trees falling and transport problems tomorrow morning and all kinds of things. Lucky for me I don't have anywhere to be tonight so I'll just stay in and watch some Gilmore Girls or something.

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