Friday, 20 September 2013

That's one down

I got some good advice from you guys about my dilemma yesterday. A lot of you actually advocated going with Scandi Kitchen, which actually surprised me a bit. You said that I followed through on the dream of going to London again, so why not go all in and go for the Scandi Kitchen dream? That I might regret it if I don't take the plunge.

Well, despite me deciding to go with this London thing, there is only so much risk-taking I can manage. In reality I do like having habits and routines in my life, and then the occasional adventure. So when I got offered the job after the interview at Planet Organic this morning, I decided to go with it. After all, that was one of the most desirable places for me, and I really enjoyed my trial shift there and there seemed to be a good atmosphere there as well. Soo I've got a job guys! Isn't that great? Can't believe how fast that was.

They asked me if I could start tomorrow or on Sunday, and I told them I could start on Sunday. That gives me a bit of time to hopefully get this cold out of my system. Now that I can check job off the list, I'll start looking for a place. I can't wait to get out of the hostel! I mean it works fine, but it's not the most ideal situation. I actually went to see a room today. A guy that I've been talking to quite a bit at the hostel kindly offered to go with me. He's a londoner, so he knows his way around these sorts of things.

It was really good that I had him with me because I went for this a bit on a whim, so I hadn't really had time to prepare what to look for or ask for. He did most of the talking actually. The place wasn't really great, so I won't get it, but now I know a bit more how to go about this so that was good! It was close to Camden, so we walked around there for a bit afterwards. The weather was actually really nice today, otherwise the weather has been really English since I got here (=rain).

That's all I had to tell you for now!

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