Thursday, 19 September 2013

Decisions, decisions

Wow ok, I never thought I would be in the situation where I have two great job opportunities that I have to choose from. Or well, it's a bit more complicated than that, otherwise it would have been really easy.

This probably needs some background. There's this great Scandinavian food shop/café in London. I lived really close to it when I was studying here, I used to go there all the time. It was really great when I was feeling a bit home sick and during holidays like the semmel season and Easter. Even by that time the thought of working there cropped up in my head. There just seemed to be such a great atmosphere among the people working there.

So of course this was one of the places I had in mind when planning my job searching here, so I handed in my CV there. But I never really thought I would have a chance because they don't have many vacancies and a lot of applicants. Anyway, today after my group interview (which didn't go well at all, but you can't be successful all the time, enough about that) I went back to the hostel, thinking I would stay here the rest of the day. Then I saw an e-mail from Scandi Kitchen, saying that they may be looking for people, asking me if I could pop by today. So of course I was on my way immediately!

So I had a really nice chat with the lady who owns the place, and basically several unexpected events have made them a bit short on people at the moment. However these people may or may not come back to work in the near future, so it's possible that I would just be working for a short time, but it's also possible that I could eventually get a full-time job there. She said I could do a trial shift tomorrow to see how I like it. Of course I told her about the interview with Planet Organic, so we agreed that I would get back to her tomorrow after the interview. If they don't want to employ me after the interview, of course I'll jump on this right away, but I they offer me the job... Well yeah, what do I do?

I guess the most sensible thing to do is to get the Planet Organic job, because that is a guaranteed full-time job, at least as I have understood it. Buut I mean Scandi Kitchen was the dream for me, and here I have a shot at it! I still can't really believe it actually. But then again, I really enjoyed my trial shift this Tuesday, and the people were really nice. Uh, all these decisions in life... I don't know if I can maybe ask the Planet Organic crew to think about it for a while and do the trial shift at Scandi Kitchen? See how it goes? I don't know, I guess I'll have to see how the interview goes tomorrow before I decide anything anyway.

Feel free to give me advice on this, I fell I'm to emotionally attached to be sensible about it!

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  1. Go for the dream (Scandi Kitchen) I'd say! Then you won't have to look back later and regret not giving it a chance...! (: