Friday, 27 February 2015

It's probably not that simple

I was watching a Swedish news show on tv this morning, and I saw this notification at the bottom of the screen:

"It's possible to both like social media and reading books."

And I'm like: "What!?" Obviously not because I'm actually surprised by that fact, rather more surprised that it is regarded as news.

It might seem like something not worth getting worked up about, and maybe it was intended to be a bit of a joke (I hope) but still, it got me thinking. I feel like I've seen and read quite a lot of things lately that just show how incredibly restricted our view of people can bee. And I'm getting quite sick of it to be honest. So you find out someone really likes reading books and you immediately connect all of these other traits and interests to that person. Maybe you think they are shy, that they don't really like going to parties, and (apparently) that they don't like social media (it just sounds more and more stupid to me). But that could be totally wrong! Someone could like reading books and be totally outgoing and love partying.

I feel like this view on people can get quite dangerous, and it can make you judge groups of people. Someone sees a beggar getting picked up by a fancy car and your reaction is: "Well, obviously all beggars are part of a criminal organisation and they are all EVIL and just want to take my money!" A muslim organisation destroys ancient statues and your reaction is: "Well, obviously all muslims are EVIL and want to take over the world!" While the actual fact is that extreme events and people like these are usually only representative for a very small part of a community.

We need to start seeing people as actual people and start holding people responsible for their actions, not religions or ethnicities or whatever other criteria we can come up with. But we also need to see people's actions in a larger perspective. While there seems to be a very large will for people to simplify things, problems in society more often than not are there because of a number of reasons which can be intertwined in a very complex way. And people are also very complex, it's not just a matter of ticking of some list with different traits. So please just think one extra step before you judge someone, because you don't know their situation.

Tuesday, 30 December 2014

To My Teenage Self

I just found this song I loved when I was a teenager. Wow. So many emotions. I'm smiling and almost crying at the same time.

This song represents so much of what I was feeling at that time. I was so sick of the small town I was living in, I just wanted to get away from there. I felt trapped. I didn't like myself. I wanted to go somewhere new, become someone new. Break away from the chains that I felt my life had become.

I'm almost crying because this song takes me back to that time and those feelings. But I'm also smiling because I've come such a long way since then. And I wish I could just meet every teenager who feels something similar as I did. Give them a hug and tell them that it will get better, that I know everyone always says that, but it actually will.

I want to tell them that they are special and beautiful. I want to tell them that if that boy they like don't like them back it's not the end of the world. God, just stop caring about boys so much (or girls for that matter). You don't need validation from them. Have sleepovers with your friends, write novels, dance in the rain. Find something you love to do and just do it. Aim to realise all your dreams.

I went to university in Uppsala, a town that I've come to love. I got to study in London. I forgot about all that says 'common sense' and went off to London again after I finished my Bachelor's. I had an absolute freaking blast and I came back and I got into the Master's program I wanted and it all turned out fine.

And if it hadn't turned out like that it would have turned out fine anyway, just in a different way.

You will be fine. Just always do what you love and stay true to your heart.

Monday, 8 December 2014

The Grown-Up Life

Well, today has been super productive even though I actually had nothing to do for school. Could this be the definition of being a grown-up? When I was younger and had a day off I would walk around the house in my jammies the whole day doing absolutely nothing of importance whatsoever. Now when I get a day off I just see an opportunity do to all the things that have been piling up, such as cleaning, doing laundry, grocery shopping... This sounds ridiculously boring.

Oh well, I like my grown-up life, today I do. Other days I don't, like the whole of last week for example. I was in such a bad mood, didn't want to do anything. I'm happy that has changed as of today, actually whenever I get like that the assurance that I will soon feel better is probably what makes me get through it. That, and the fact that I actually force myself to get out of the house even though I really don't feel like it. Which makes me actually meet and talk to all the beautiful people I have around me in my life and makes me realise how lucky I am to know so many awesome human beings. <3

I got a new calendar today that I really like! It is a new year soon after all. I love when I get to buy a new calendar. Especially now because the one I have now is tiny and I really need a bigger one. I have so much to do nowadays it doesn't have nearly enough space. Although I was a tad overwhelmed over how big the calendar section was in the store. I guess that just shows how important time is to us.

I've been really bad at blogging lately. I'll try to get some pics from London up here soon.

Also, here's a pic of an awesome taco truck.

Sunday, 9 November 2014

By Getting to Know Others, We Get to Know Ourselves

I've come to a little realisation this evening.

I love people.

I mean, think about how many people are living on this earth. And every single one is unique and special and have their own stories and experiences. Isn't that amazing?

I've been watching some episodes of this Swedish tv-show today, where they get Swedish artists to live in a house together for a week and hang out and perform each other's songs. I really, really like the show, partly because it's very musically interesting, but also because you get to know more about their lives. They often tell quite personal stories about themselves and it can get quite emotional. You may have these preconceived images of the artists as human beings which can really change when you watch this show.

One of the things I enjoy most in life is meeting and talking to new people. Getting to know their views and stories. I truly believe that it is by meeting people that we learn more about ourselves and the world we live in. Especially if you try to talk to people who aren't exactly like you, who aren't in your field of work or study, who aren't from the same place in the world, who aren't the same age or gender, well you name it. I think one of the most valuable things you can do in life is to actually make an effort to get to know people, to ask questions about them, about their life, about what is important to them.

Because in every single person in this world, there is incredible beauty and value. We are all important, we all matter, and we all have a story to tell. What's your story?

Friday, 7 November 2014

November? More like FUNvember!

What an amazing week this has been! I'm just having so much fun at the moment, I love it!

A little recap of what I've been up to this week:

Monday - Landskap at V-Dala nation, basically there are monthly meetings at my student association where we make important decisions and afterwards there's a three course dinner and party.

Tuesday - Fancy dinner at another nation with a bunch of super nice exchange students.

Wednesday - Choir rehearsal and hanging out in the pub afterwards.

Thursday - Samba rehearsal and hanging out in the pub afterwards, pizza and live music.

It's safe to say I haven't gotten too much sleep this past week but sleep is overrated, right?

This weekend will be super fun as well, I'm going to an autumn ball with the choir where we will also be performing some awesome songs. Tonight, all the girls will be going around to our boys serenading them! The guys usually do this for us the day before the annual spring ball, but this will be the first time we do the same thing for the guys. I'm so excited and I think it'll be a lot of fun!

There's so much to look forward to this month: I'm going to see Ben Howard play in Stockholm with mummy, my samba band has a gig on a samba cruise and shortly after that I'm going to LONDON!!! I booked flight tickets there kind of spontaneously a while ago, because all my amazing musician friends are having a gig that I just couldn't miss. I'll be staying in Sandra's flat so we can cuddle all the time <3 I can't wait to get there and see her again, see my beautiful London and my beautiful friends.

Now I'm going to rehears the songs for tonight and tomorrow. I'll talk to you again soon!

Monday, 3 November 2014


I went to a Halloween party this weekend. It was fun. :)

Sunday, 26 October 2014

An Unexpected Turn of Events

Today when I woke up I really didn't want to get out of bed. So I found myself sitting there with my computer and even though I was really hungry I just couldn't be bothered to go get breakfast. I sat there thinking about how much I wanted waffles. Then my friend, who has been working with a short film festival where I've been volunteering this week, posted a picture of waffles. Apparently, there were free waffles for everyone who had been working with the festival. So of course I cycled over there immediately and got myself some free waffles. How amazing is this?? It simply was a gift from heaven.

And since all the volunteers and guests are super nice, I stayed at the café for a while, chilling out and chatting to people. Then I went for a screening of documentary films. And now I'm back in my room, thinking that this day surely ended up much better than I thought it would. It's a nice feeling, as you can imagine.

Uppsala is very pretty